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Company Policies

Our company policies establish the rules of conduct within our agency, outlining the responsibilities we have as employers and to employees and clients.  Our company policies and procedures are in place to protect the rights of workers as well as our business interests as employers.

At MediaWorkx, we consider our commitment to clients, staff and also the bigger neighborhood community to be unbelievably crucial. We acknowledge our broader duties as a UK company as well as continuously review our equal opportunities and environmental policies regularly, according to UK law. We value diversity and within our team and believe that each one brings fresh experience, ideas that enhance the cohesion of our team and business.

Personal privacy is consistently of the utmost significance. When you enter into a call with MediaWorkx Creative Digital, we want you to feel safe and secure in any kind of decisions we make and also take into consideration any sort of project we get started upon to be a collaboration where both sides really feel totally comfy.

As our motto says...

We judge our success by your success and we do not stop until that is achieved.

Our key policy documents are as follows:

Cookie Policy
Environmental Policy
Equal Opportunity Policy
Privacy Policy
Quality Assurance Policy