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Are you confused or not sure about where your business stands with the GDPR?


Download our Free GDPR Checklist Whitepaper; packed with clear, conscience information for businesses established in the United Kingdom.

It’s important to remember that the GDPR relates to any type of business established in the EU and could also affect businesses based outside of the EU that process the personal information of EU citizens in particular conditions.

So the initial concern you should ask on your own is, exactly how is personal data handled within your business or organisation? This includes your client data certainly, however, you have to factor in vendor information? Past as well as present workers?

If you’re collecting any of this information routinely, you need to follow the GDPR, whether the information gets on a spreadsheet, on your computer network, your smartphone, or in the cloud.

One more essential inquiry is whether your organisation currently drops under the Data Protection Act (DPA). If so, the ICO has validated that the GDPR puts on you, however, keep in mind, the GDPR is much more stringent than the DPA.

This GDPR checklist whitepaper for UK Small Businesses covers data processing and website compliance. Get to grips with the requirements for both your business and website through our simple checklist which includes:


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