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The EU General Data Protection Regulation GDPR Compliance for your Business Processes & Business Website is a must from 25 May 2018 and applies directly to all EU member states.

To make it easier for you to avoid hefty fines and remain compliant we have come up with 2 packages to help your website & business become GDPR compliant.

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The EU General Data Protection Regulation GDPR Compliance isn’t just for your business processes as your business website that needs to Be GDPR Compliant as well.

The changes introduced with the EU GDPR have affected your entire business process and website; we as your digital agency have been focusing purely on how we can help you become compliant on all fronts.

The GDPR is a set of rules and regulations which applies to EU citizens. That means businesses located in the EU and anybody residing in the EU can access the business website then your organisation can be held liable, even if the site is not physically hosted in the EU. Fines are stiff, with non-compliant businesses facing a €20m penalty or 4% of an organisation’s global turnover. 

As you start planning to become GDPR compliant with your business process and website. You will quickly uncover a cave of issues on both sides you will need to consider. We strongly recommend that all businesses should reach the level of compliance outlined in our GDPR Checklist white-paper.

There is a flood of information right now online which at times can be confusing, hence our GDPR Checklist White Paper and you can also check the Information Commissioner (IC) has also provided an excellent set of resources as well. To help you grasp some of the changes here is a list of key questions you can answer:


For further reading you can download our GDPR Checklist White-paper below; packed with clear, conscience information for businesses established in the UK.

GDPR Compliance Checklist White-paper

GDPR checklist for UK small businesses covers data processing including:

  • Collection of data
  • Recording of data
  • Storing of data
  • Using of personal data
  • Fair processing notices
  • Data controller or a Data processor
  • Cookies notices
  • Website forms compliance
  • GDPR penalties
  • Email consent and much more.


GDPR Compliance Business Process & Website Package Details

We have created two GDPR packages that covers all the requirements for your business and website to be GDPR complaint. To start the process we shall set up a brief 10-15 minutes FREE telephone consultation with you. 

Free Telephone Consultation

During our phone consultation our team will help you identify the data used within your business, how it is stored and potential changes that might need to be made.

Updates to Your Legal Pages

We shall perform a general overview and update of terms and conditions and privacy policy including outlines of cookies used on the site and their purpose.

Business Process Compliance​

From £349.99

Simple, professional entry level Business Process GDPR compliance check, and set up of the various documents needed.  

Website Compliance​ Package

From £99.99

Do you want to want for your business website to be GDPR Compliant then this package is for you, get in-touch today!

eMail Compliance​ Package

From £69.99

Boost your mailing list with the emIla Compliance Package. We help you grow your list and receive explicit permission on current mailing list. 


But not sure which package suites your business? Let’s grab that cuppa, schedule a call with JimPatrick (JP) to discuss your GDPR compliance needs today!

Or if you prefer to speak to someone call us on 0800 368 7484

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