Top 40 SEO Terms Explained


Do you find it difficult to understand the SEO lingo from your digital agency running your campaign?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a really large subject and very essential for any business owner right now with their internet business website. However before you stuck your teeth in and start working with your digital agency you need to comprehend some basic Search Engine Optimisation jargon, hence this SEO ebook. The SEO lingo alone shouldn’t be the cause for you quit from making your business website the effective advertising and marketing platform it could be.

This is a list of the 40 most commonly used search engine optimisation (SEO) terms to help business owners, digital agencies, online marketers to communicate as well as comprehend how you can optimise their websites.

However first, let’s explain one point. There are hundreds of blog sites focusing on different aspects of Search Engine Optimisation, so I won’t get into extremely detail here, but allow me simply to inform you that there are primarily 2 means of driving web traffic (aka customers) to your website (which is the main venue for your online business).

There’s the “free traffic” means, and also there’s the “paid traffic” means. Paid traffic handles all sort of marketing (Pay Per Click, banner advertisements, social media advertising etc.). On the other hand, one of the most preferred method of getting free traffic is … SEO.

In this eBook I’m not going to offer you any Search Engine Optimisation strategies or tricks. I’m simply going to explain in plain english a variety of terms connected and used in Search Engine Optimisation process, which I hope you’ll find helpful and handy at a long run. I think that understanding the language of the SEO is the very first step to be in on the driving seat of your website rankings.

As a business owner this is the least you can do for yourself to understand the bolts and nut of this world of SEO.

Happy reading my friends!

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