MJS Drainage Services


 A London based Drainage Services Company MJS Drainage Services – a specialist rapid response, emergency drain unblocked and repair.

Maximising Loco Search Strategy

London based Drainage Company dominates local search all over the London Areas.

MJS Drainage Services is an experienced drainage company dealing within the private & commercial sectors. MJS Drainage Services is also a Specialist in Drainage Surveys & Inspections. Covering Digital CCTV Surveys | Live Streaming | Complex Specialists | Unique Mapping. MJS Drainage Services offers complete professional and reliable services for any size project.

The Challenge with MJS Drainage Services

When we got the MJS Drainage Services account, we did a full digital SWOT analysis on the website to enable us to focus our efforts easier. The client’s target was to dominate the London areas on the local search. The main issues we uncovered included

  1. Poor self-made website via wix.com
  2. Website with no call to action
  3. Hi spend on PPC
  4. Low on-page optimisation
  5. Lack of relevant website content
  6. Low backlinks and citations
  7. No landing pages
  8. No social media presence

The Outcome > Results in MJS Drainage Services

We were tasked with targeting all the London areas to particularly appear on the local search for each area. This required a new user-friendly website, that was responsive and fast. We also needed to set up landing pages for each target area for local optimisation.

Phase one was the quick development of a new website to give the whole brand a clear facelift.

Phase two was the content copywriting for each page and optimising it for local areas accordingly. As well as the creation of social accounts and set-up.

Phase three was the actual local marketing campaign, we made sure that everything else was set and on point for domination of local search on various local keywords as per the company services. The results began to roll in for various keywords we targeted within four months. Bear in mind any search engine optimisation campaign is an investment in the business.

  • Weekly enquiries increased
  • Increased number of conversions
  • Increased revenue
  • Dominating key London areas

Great experience – no hesitation to use or recommend.
I’ve had a great experience with the guys at MediaWorkx. I was sceptical for a long time and was fumbling my own way around a combination of templated websites and AdWords. It got the phone ringing but I was constantly tweaking and changing items. Handing over to Jim and his team has been a great experience. I’ll be handing them more work in the near future.
Mr Michael J O’Malley – Director, MJS Drainage Services


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