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5 Reasons to Why You Need a Responsive Website

Responsive Website Design

Why A Responsive Web Design

I think that’s the question many of us would ask right? So allow me to build my short case here as to what your current business website needs a responsive website done.

Nearly every brand-new customer nowadays desires a mobile variation of their website. It’s virtually vital nevertheless: one layout for the BlackBerry, an additional for the apple iPhone, the iPad, netbook, Kindle– and also all display resolutions need to work, as well. In the following 5 years, we’ll likely have to develop for a variety of extra innovations. When will the chaos quit? It will not, obviously.

The idea that web designers and creative agencies can reproduce the same website to display on this huge growing list of resolutions and gadgets is unwise. Imagine having one website for desktop only then you would be shedding site visitors from other smartphones and tablets.

Responsive Web design is the strategy that recommends that design and also development ought to react to the customer’s practices and also based upon display dimension, system and also alignment. The technique contains a mix of adaptable grids as well as designs, photos as well as a smart use of CSS media queries. As the individual switches over from their laptop to iPad, the website must instantly switch over to fit for resolution, picture dimension as well as scripting capabilities. To puts it simply, the website needs to have the modern technology to immediately reply to the customer’s choices. This would certainly get rid of the requirement for various design layout as well as development stage for every brand-new gizmo on the marketplace.

Responsive Website Design

Day by day, the number of devices, platforms, and browsers that need to work with your site grows. Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how we’ll build websites for the decade to come.”

Jeffrey Veen

Today, Responsive Web Design (RWD) is no longer an option but a requirement championed by Google from April 21st, 2015. Google will punish your site ranking if your business website is not responsive mobile-friendly and rewarding websites that are fully optimised for mobile platforms.

Today, Responsive Web Design (RWD) is no longer an option but a requirement championed by GoogleClick To Tweet

Okay so with that said here are my 5 cents points:

1. The use of Responsive Web Designing will improve your website significantly.

Nowadays, people have access to the Internet from so many types of devices today that it’s important for a web page to function properly on any of them. With the growth in popularity of tablets and smartphones, more people than ever are using devices with smaller screens to surf the Web. The goal with responsive design is to have one site with various elements that will respond correctly on different sizes of devices. No need to make several versions of the site anymore.

2. Google favours sites that are implemented with Responsive Web Design.

Google salutes all the sites that are using RWD techniques and this because it solves several issues related to duplicate content when the search engine sneaks your site. This reduces the potential for mistakes when listing your site in the search engines and can help improve your rankings.

3. Responsive Web Design increases site usability, which makes your users happier.

Your client’s needs are very important, that’s why by increasing the site usability you will definitely make your users happier and they will return to your website because now they know you have the best site. You’ll never hear the user of a website or web application implemented with RWD complains about your lack of a mobile site. As you can see, implementing your website or web application with RWD isn’t just about making sure you check the box for mobile visitors, its an entire strategy for taking your project to the next level by improving usability, producing a better product and improving your SEO.

4. Responsive sites are prepared for the future.

A responsive site is made to respond to any type of screen and not to the device itself, it will adapt to any requirement. So, if you use your phone, tablet or PC, the website will immediately run, accordingly to the type of the screen. As you can see, having a responsive, mobile website, that delivers a fully functional web experience is no longer “nice to have,” but is the new standard for the health and growth of your business’s online presence.

5. Social media and blogging will bring more users and traffic for your website.

If you are engaging your audience in the social media and blogging platforms, you will definitely welcome a lot of users to the site. With over 60% of social media consumption happening on mobile devices, having a responsive website is imperative.

To wrap up the story, having a website means that you have to get users, which is the traffic of the website and you can do that in a lot of ways. You have to attract them by offering them possibilities, especially on the social media platforms. If you will use Responsive Web Designing you have to know that Google favours sites that are implemented with RWD. So, things are clear, all you need to do is update your website right away.

Important Links – Use them to check your website responsiveness.

  1. Check out Google’s guide to mobile-friendly websites.
  2. Take the Mobile-Friendly Test to see how your website stacks up. You can test a single page or all to see exactly what Google’s search algorithm is looking for.
  3. Your web developer can generate a Mobile Usability Report to help identify any issues with your website when viewed on a mobile device.